Frank Wright- Greatest Architect

Wright Noted by American Institute of Architects as Greatest Architect of All Time

Frank Lloyd Wright was a noted architect and designer of the 20th century. He was born in the year 1867 and became one of the America’s greatest architects of all time. Frank Wright has the credit of designing at least 1000 structures in his lifetime. Other than designing the structures Frank Lloyd Wright was also an educator and writer. He has completed at least 500 works in his lifetime. He followed a certain philosophy for all his works. His philosophy is known as the organic architecture. His designs have a perfect harmony with humanity and environment. In the year 1991 Frank Wright was recognized as the greatest architect of all time by the American Institute of Architects.

Frank Lloyd Wright started his practice in the year 1892 in Chicago. By the year 1901 Frank Wright had completed at least 50 projects which included a number of houses in USA. His projects included a variety of buildings such as museums, offices, schools, libraries and much more. Frank Wright spent at least 70 years of his life creating some of the most attractive architectures in America. His work revolutionized the art and architecture to the greatest extent which made him the greatest architect of all time. Other than the architectures Frank Lloyd Wright also lectured in United States and Europe.

The personal life of Frank Lloyd Wright was filled with turmoil. The house and studio built in Taliesin was twice destroyed by fire. Both the fire destroyed some of his important work. After all these things Frank Lloyd Wright matured with his organic style. It was during the late 1920s and 1930s that he designed the Fallingwater, Graycliff and the Taliesin West. The Taliesin West is now named as the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation. This foundation is used to preserve the works and designs of Frank Wright. The Taliesin West also served as the winter home and studio for Frank Wright till his death in the year 1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright also created certain concepts for suburban development. This concept is termed as Broadacre City. This idea was proposed by Frank Wright in his book The Disappearing City written in the year 1932. He kept on developing this concept till his death. From the concept of the Broadacre City a new type of residential houses were developed by Frank Lloyd Wright which was known as the Usonian house. This kind of designs can be found in the Malcolm Willey House which was built in the year 1934. The Usonian style was later on taken up by a lot of American developers.

There are lots of modern features in American homes which are taken from the concepts of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is one place which deals with programs based on the works of Frank Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation also offers a number of educational outreach programs on Frank Wright for the young students. The unique concepts of designs and architectures of Frank Lloyd Wright make him the greatest of all.

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