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What is Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations- Importance of the Foundation

Frank Lloyd Wright was a well known American architect, writer, interior designer and educator. Frank Wright was born with the name Frank Lincoln Wright on the 8th of June 1867. He died on the 9th of April 1959. He was a great designer who completed at least 500 works and designed over 1000 structures. Frank Lloyd Wright believed in a particular philosophy while designing the structures. He called the philosophy as organic architecture where the structures were created in harmony with humanity as well as the environment. The best ever work of American architecture was done by Frank Wright. His philosophy was clearly visible in his design for the Fallingwater. He created this architecture in 1935.

The works of Frank Lloyd Wright includes buildings such as Robie House, Johnson Wax Headquarters, Price Tower and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation started working from the year 1937. The Frank Wright foundation has its headquarters at the Taliesin West in Scottsdale in Arizona. The Frank Wright Lloyd foundation was founded by Frank Wright himself. It was meant to work as a repository for his work as well as ideas. Other than this, the Frank Lloyd Wright foundation is also engaged to preserve the legacy of Frank Wright.

The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation helps people learn and understand his ideas and principles in design and architecture and his writings as well.  The Frank Wright foundation also works to stimulate the interest and demand for excellent architecture in today’s world. Frank Lloyd Wright created a revolution in the twentieth century with his art and architecture. He designed houses, churches, libraries, museums, offices, schools as well as bridges. But his creativity was not limited to the designs of buildings. Frank Wright also designed fabrics, furniture, dinnerware, art glass, graphic arts, lamps, linens and silver. He is recognized as the greatest American architect of all time by the American Institute of Architects.

The properties of Frank Lloyd Wright foundation served as the personal studios, homes and architectural laboratories for him. The Frank Wright foundation has a partnership with a non-profit organization based in Wisconsin called Taliesin Preservation Inc. Both the properties of the foundation are considered to be National Historic Landmarks. Both these properties were also nominated for the World Heritage Tentative List. The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation also manages the Frank Lloyd Wright archives which are located in the Taliesin West. This archive has the complete collection of the works of Frank Wright.

The archive is one of the most important places for the museum curators and for people who want to make films or write books on Frank Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright foundation is also treated as one of the tourist spots in USA. It is located on the Sonoran desert. The visitors not only view the natural scenic beauty but have an experience of his works. Frank Lloyd Wright even worked outside USA. His one and only European work was in the Republic of Ireland which he completed just before his death.

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