Falling Water – An Architectural Legacy

Falling Water – An Architectural Legacy

An Architectural Legacy Falling Water

Falling Water An Architectural Legacy

Falling water is the house built by Frank Lloyd Wright for his multimillionaire client Kaufmann’s in 1935. It is the best all-time work in American architecture. This house is the peak of imagination of Frank Wright. Kaufmann’s residence became an instant hit when it came into being. Popularity of Frank Wright touched new scales when this house got the complete form. Barns of this house were made of renewable source straw panels. Most of the construction debris left while construction period of this house were recycled and used to make various portions of this barn. Barn is now known as green house or nature house. Barn received Silver Leed rating in Aug’2006.
Falling water is unique because it is built on a waterfall. It is the only major building built by Frank Wright, now converted into tourist destination. People visit this house to enjoy the marvels of American architecture and are left amazed by the imagination of the genius Frank Lloyd Wright. This unique house is the product of organic architecture.
Frank Wright built this house to be used as weekend house by Kaufmann’s family. In 1964, it was opened to public as a museum. Amalgamation of natural resource like waterfall and building in such a way that no harm is cause to the building became the masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright. This house was estimated to be costing around $2.5 million in 2009. Because of this uniqueness, this house is the source of inspiration to aspiring architects.
Many study tours are organized throughout the year to this house for the followers of Frank Wright philosophy. Structure, flooring and interiors are a matter of study. It has almost become a laboratory for the fellows of Frank Wright organic architecture. Falling water studio is the learning centre for Frank Wright followers. Use of recycled products and symbiosis with nature was the trademark concept of Frank Lloyd Wright. This house speaks loads about the environment-friendly thinking of the architect.
Ayn Rand, a writer based her novel, The Fountainhead, on this house and other works of Frank Wright. She got the inspiration from the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. She even engaged Frank Wright to design her summer home.
Kaufmann’s donated this legendary piece of architecture, Falling Water, to Pennsylvania Conservancy and is taken care of by this organization since then. Frank Lloyd Wright designed this house in such a way that both privacy and sociability were adequately achieved. Frank Wright made it possible to relax and mix with closed ones at the same time in this house.

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