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There have been a lot of great architectures in the past but only a few come close to Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright is known as one of America’s best architect of all times. He is the man behind a lot of innovative designs and buildings. Here, on this site, we shall provide you with all the thorough detail you need to know about Frank Lloyd Wright, so read through the pages and enrich yourself with all the knowledge about the maestro when it comes to architecture- Frank Lloyd Wright.

Born in the year of 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright was a writer, educationist and an interior designer too apart from being a great architect. One of the best accomplishments of Frank Lloyd Wright includes his use of the philosophy of organic architecture. Organic architecture is the art of designing building and landscapes that are in tandem with environment. These buildings thus ensured that they do not have a negative impact on the environment. One of the best works of Frank Lloyd Wright is the design of famous residential complex known as the “Fallingwater”. Located in Pennsylvania, this magnificent architectural beauty was built partly over a waterfall. The beauty of the place is magnificent and remains till date one of the most distinguished works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a man of mission and innovation. He has been behind a lot of revolutionary designs including those of residential buildings, churches, landscapes, offices or other stuffs. His interior designing has been applauded by a lot of people. Not surprisingly, Frank Lloyd Wright has also authored a lot of books most of which are related to buildings, architecture an designing.

frank lloyd wright

frank lloyd wright

Frank Lloyd Wright stayed in the news for the most part of your career. As much as his career was a highlight, Frank Lloyd Wright did not fail to hog the limelight owing to his colorful personal life as well.  Frank Lloyd Wright is also well known for his innovative and modern designing of houses known as “Usonian house”. These houses became popular almost instantly as they were marvels in technology. He put together a lot of different ideas like open plans, simplified technique, flat roofs, no basements and a whole lot of other new features as well.

No doubt, Frank Lloyd Wright has a lot of creativity inside him. He loved to experiment and implement and the architectural beauties developed by Frank Lloyd Wright are simply an evidence of the prowess of the master of architecture- Frank Lloyd Wright. Despite the huge success in his professional field, the personal life of Frank Lloyd Wright has been a struggle as he faced a lot of problems with his family and also when the reports of fire and murder at his studio circulated in media like wild fire.

Despite, all the different snide remarks that followed, Frank Lloyd Wright was unfazed and undeterred. He continued his exploits in the professional arena and it comes as no surprise that the American institute of Architects recognized Frank Lloyd Wright as the greatest American architect of all time in the year1991. For more information on Frank Lloyd Wright, feel free to go through our site.

falling water

falling water is one of frank lloyd wrights best architectural structures

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